Taxidermy Associations comprensive information about supplies, techniques, discussion formums, and upcoming events.  Also including a list of taxidermy associations around the world:

Canadian Taxidermy Association representing Canadian taxidermists

National Taxidermy Association representing American taxidermists

UK Guild of Taxidermy representing taxidermy in the United Kindgom


Where to Buy or Read about Taxidermy:

Get Stuffed!  In London.  You know you want to go ...

Top Hat Taxidermy: For vintage taxidermy enthusiasts check out Top Hat Taxidermy, an online mail-order company specialising in Victorian taxidermy although they have lots of new creatures as well. On the vintage front, besides the standard fare of British birds and badgers, you'll find a wonderful selection masks (a traditional name for small animal heads on plaques) pets, glass domes and cases, and trout and bream in dome fronted cases.

Two Hoots Taxidermy Retired taxidermist Ken Everett's online version of his collection of taxidermy for sale and his archive of all things relating to taxidermy including images, calling cards, magazines, postcards, texts ...

The Little Museum Shop selling antique specimens of taxidermy birds and various objects relating to natural sciences.

De museumwinkel selling all sorts of natural history specimens.


Other Links of Interest:

The Zymoglyphic Museum, a visually enticing assemblage of natural objects and cabinets of curiosities.  Check out the page on Creative Taxidermy and Other Uses for Mortal Remains and the visual tour of Baroque cabinets of curiosity.


Curious Expeditions is one of the most interesting blogs on there.  "We, your humble explorers, are devoted to unearthing and documenting the wondrous, the macabre and the obscure from around the globe." Beautiful photography and beautiful writing with a fair smattering of taxidermy thrown in.  Worth a long visit.


The Contemporary Zoological Conservatory: A collection of vintage and contemporary taxidermy aspires to the giddy heights of Ark meets Cabinet of Wonders. "The CZC wants to create an Ark of visual delights and dizzying proportions, a space that makes you question why and how? A place that overwhelms, crowds, confronts fascinates and titillates a person's sense of wonder."


Musings of a Failed Taxidermist: Not always taxidermy but never ever dull, Code name Pomposa's journal of poetic musing on the undervalued, the forgotten, and the misused - elephant hotels, for example, diving herons, and inside-out badgers.


Tia Resleure's Case of Curiosities specialising in Victorian case restorations and fanciful taxidermy creations with vintage flair and fairy tale imagery for the collector of curiosa. The website also features a collection of image of nineteenth-century theatrical taxidermy, including the works of Walter Potter, Hermann Ploucquet, and others.