Russian Taxidermists at the Darwin Museum in Moscow

The International Committee for Museums and Collections of Natural History has published an image-rich newletter on the taxidermists at the historical heart of Moscow's Darwin Museum written by Kirill Nasedkin. 

The museum was founded in 1907 by Alexander Kots with his private collection of stuffed birds and mammals.  Highlighting the works of F. K. Lorenz, Filipp and Dmitriy Fedulov, Flipp Evitkhievich, and an unnamed woman taxidermy, Nasedkin ends with a lament on the sad state of affairs for Russian taxidermists:

"I work in the museum for more than 30 years, and all these years I hear from the Ministry of Culture, that we should found the taxidermy school, but the situation still remains unchanged. As regards the taxidermy workshops, now they appear not only in Moscow and St.-Petersburg, but also in other cities, but all of them are intended for the preparation of hunting trophies. The hunting exhibitions takes place in Moscow every year, and taxidermy workshops always participates there, but even on such exhibitions one can rarely see the well-made specimens. Usually such workshops produce stuffed heath-cocks and squirrels, carpets from the wolf or bear skins, and the heads of the wild boars, elks, and deers. That is their assortment."

The historic images of the stages of preparing large animal skins accompanying Nasedkin's letter are exceptional and well worth a look. Read Nasedkin's letter and see all the images +