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EXHIBIT:`Stylish Beasts

nicolas-darrot.jpgA current exhibition at the MUDAC museum in Lausanne, Switzerland gets down and dirty with our relationships with animals. Betes de Style / Animals with Style showcases hundreds of art and design objects, each of which engages with the daydreams, desires, blindnesses, fantasies, and inconsistencies surrounding the insatiable human urge to dominate or adore non-human animals.   On display is Pierre-Philippe Freymond's Chimera 1 consisting of the headless body of what appears to be a wild pig emerging from the white galley wall, Nicolas Darrot's Le Souillot - this time the head of a boar mounted in hunting trophy style, but with a significant twist - the head is animated and talks, and Pascal Bernier's the bandaged-wrapped animals from his series, Accidents de Chasse (Hunting Accidents).   09pingu.jpgOther animal-objects from the design side of the exhibit include high-heeled ankle boots made from the bodies small dogs - four "heels" instead of just one, and Noaki Takizawa's Rabbit Chair made with animal skins.

The show will continue until February 17th, 2007. These images were taken from http://www.we-make-money-not-art.com/archives/009209.php.

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