Must Know Advice for Successful Interviews

Are you ready to take the next step in your career and apply for an advanced position?  Congratulations for taking the initiative to grow your career. If you have been scheduled for an interview, chances are the hiring manager has determined that your skills and experience meet the requirements for the position. The interview is a two way street. Not only is it an opportunity for the hiring manager to evaluate your demeanor, initiative and gauge how you would work with the exiting team, it is also an opportunity for your to determine if this is a position, company and company culture where you could make an impact and grow your career. Follow these recommendations from the professional human resource executives and hiring managers to put your best foot forward during an interview and secure a coveted job offer.

The most important thing to wear to an interview is a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. If you’re interviewing for a position in an office, professional attire is absolutely required. Taking pride in your appearance will also send the message that you more than likely take pride in your work performance. Select a muted suit or trousers and jacket for the interview. Leave the bling and wild colors for the weekend. Tone down your hair style and make up. Check out the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a pair of classic shoes that will last for years and be appropriate in nearly every office setting for the variety of styles available from Allen Edmonds.

Conduct thorough research on the hiring company. The best place to start is by reading through every page of the company’s website.  No doubt you will develop questions about the products or services, market share and industry reputation as you continue your research. Thoroughly read thee reviews posted by current and former clients as well as current and former employers to gain an even greater understanding of the company culture. Prepare to pose questions developed through your research at the appropriate time during the interview.

A strong handshake, warm smile and honest answers will go a long way in setting the stage for a positive interview. Best of luck to you!