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End of History + End of Stoat

I was sent this image during the summer and posted it as my picture of the week, thinking it was "just" an example of decoratively utilitarian taxidermy.  But these squirrels and stoats were actually part of a marketing/product sexification for a Scottish beer company best know for its excessively stiff beers.   At 55%, BrewDog's End of History ale will certainly put hair on your chest -- better yet, twelve bottles were packaged in taxidermied vermin - 7 stoats, 4 squirrels, and 1 hare.  The bottles were sold for 500 pounds each. Fair enough.

Check out the eccentricities of BrewDog in a short video posted on the blog site at  http://www.brewdog.com/blog-article/341.  According to the video below, a battle has been brewing between Scottish and German beer makers for the title of world's strongest beer.  A man dressed as a stoat is killed with a German sausage, which provokes other forest furries to assist the Scottish beer makers in brewing up something spectacularly strong.

The End of History from BrewDog on Vimeo.

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