Yes... that's right.  For those of you with a sensitive side, one company has your interests at heart.  Pixidermy is for catch-and-release fisherman who want the best of both worlds - for the fish to live another day, but yet to keep a trophy.  Check out all their fishy prints here +




Tom Schmelzer, Darwin, and the Church

Take a gander at Tom Schmelzer's fabulously eccentric 2009 installation, "Homo Bulla, or the sacred baboon" composed from baboon, carpet, bishop's ring and miter, and a bubble machine.  The piece is a reaction to the Archbishop of Canterbury's apology to Charles Darwin on the 200th anniversary of his birthday, September 14th, 2008:  "Charles Darwin, 200 years from your birth, the Church of England owes you an apology for misunderstanding you and, by getting our first reaction wrong, encouraging others to misunderstand you still."   See more of Schmelzer's work at


Duck man ... ?

This is a first. Yesterday Alex Mazitelli performed a very odd event in West London dressed in a get-up that included a black wire face mask/head basket blobbed with taxidermied ducklings. In the words of Salon Contemporary:

"Dressed as a very strange, avant-garde looking 'Duck Man', Mazitelli began by standing outside the gallery asking passers by to donate money for eggs. An hour later, collecting a whopping £6, the artist stopped by Sainsbury's (with an interesting response!!) and made his purchase. Mazitelli then proceeded to make egg paintings in the window of the gallery, handing his work out to an intrigued audience watching outside!"

Fair enough. I would have certainly stopped to watch. Read and see more here +


TV: Oddities take to the airs

A new Discovery channel program takes an look at the rather unusual Manhattan store, Obscura Antiques & Oddities.  Aptly named "Oddities," the program explores the oddly mesmerizingly emporium of everything you couldn't have imagined would possibly exist and the people who collect it.  Of course, things taxidermied and mummified are abundantly on view. The website is great with tons of videos and images. Check out all the crazy stuff here +


Piggy on Wheels



Animated Taxidermy 

Something different ... a short animated film on taxidermy by Eduard Nazarov (1979).  A little boy wanders into a hunting shop and images how we could rescue the already dead beasties.  Winner of Best Film (Kiev, USSR, 1979) and Best Film (Huesca, Spain, 1980).



Alice: the creepy taxidermic rendition

Just a youtube teaser of Czech filmmaker Jan Svankmajer's surrealist take on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  The opening sequence shows a stuffed white rabbit pulling itself out of a diorama - it bites out the nails and spills its sawdust stuffing.  The scene is constructed with stop motion animation with taxidermy.  Very dark.  Very strange.  And the film itself gets even darker from here.


Bad Taxidermy

Who knew, but there is a Flickr group dedicated to images of bad taxidermy.  Quite the assortment, I must say, posted by many photographers from many countries.  Check out the images here but a few highlight pieces ...



Artist Julia deVille

Some work from Julia deVille, a New Zealand born, Australian based artist.




Check out more of her work and her highly impressive website here:


Merry Christmas!



From a reader

A letter from a reader:

I came upon twin fawns in the display case of a mom and pop toy and science store in Kansas City, Missouri. It took me two years to win the trust of the shop owner and save the money to buy them. A taxidermist spotted a dead deer by the side of the road. He stopped to properly dispose of the body and realized she was pregnant. He opened her and found near full-term twin fawns, he removed and preserved them.

Deer rarely have twins and the taxidermist retained the uterine gesture of their bodies. I built them a vitrine with a light blue base. Their prematurity exaggerates the delicacy of an incredibly sweet thing. The points of their hooves, the length of their lashes, the spots of their hides, nose to small nose in an ur-cartoonish realism ... Viewers' eyes trick them into believing the fawns are breathing. The tragedy of beauty is its transience.

The twins live forever in their own demise. They are sleeping beauties.They have been muses since I first saw them ... We dress death in lilies and bronze the names of our dead sons on walls. We erect altars of toys and hold candlelight vigils to express hope. My twin fawns sleep endlessly on their baby blue block in my studio. The twins never opened their eyes yet their wondrous fatality evokes an acceptable alternative to death.
— Peregrine Honig



Guy Maddin's giraffe

Canadian director Guy Maddin explains his love affair with a giraffe head in Air Canada's EnRoute magazine.



Deyrolle on fire

deyrolles_fire1.jpgThe amazing Deyrolle taxidermy boutique [read about it here +] in the heart of Paris sadly suffered a major fire on February 1st, 2008.  The fire consumed most of the eccentric cabinet of curiosities on the first floor.  The insects and butterflies were the worse hit, and Deyrolle is currently seeking an entomology vendor to help replace the collection.

Read all about the fire, the store's resurrection efforts, and all the posted letters of sympathy on Deyrolle's blogsite here in French or here in English. Even Gerard Depardieu is quoted: "there are no words - it's very violent."  

Thanks to Steve Plant for letting me know the news.



Not specifically taxidermy, but ...

Described as a "dark carnival of jet-black humour ... that suggests a collision between David Lynch, the Chapman brothers and Monty Python," Hungarian director György Pálfi's new film Taxidermia promises to be something rather different.  As the ad offers, come find out "what connects the man who shoots fire from his penis, the perilously outsized speed-eating champion and a taxidermist who lives with giant cats."  The film is showing at the Institute of Comtemporary Art in London from July 13th until August 2nd, 2007.

Matt's Taxidermy Quest

Matt_taxidermy.jpgMatt's Taxidermy Adventure: one man's quest to acquire a stuffed pet dog.  On YouTube, in four parts, some parts quite long.

Half a badger for sale

ee65_1.jpgAnother ebay anomaly - this time half a badger stuck on a rock-like mound.  As the seller describes: 

“It was one of our favorite mounts that we had exhibited in our offices but we are moving into smaller offices and must get rid of our 'pets' quickly. You’ll ask yourself the same question we always have: what happened to the back end?”

Bidding ends February 25th, 2007.  Check it out +


"Sexy" twin ducklings in a box

ducklings.jpgThe strange world of ebay outdoes itself yet again.  The ducklings were being offered from a seller in Singapore.  The winning bid - auction ended February 13th, 2007 - was a reasonable $9.99US.  Yet, while the ducklings are quite the attention grabbers all on their own, what gives them an even odder aura than their bathroom packaging is the seller's store name and slogan: Sex N Sell - Stylish Fashion that Grabs your Lover's Attention. 

The categories of sexnsell's ebay store  includes "Seductive Costume," "Men Under Garment," "Fashion Bikini," "Sexy Kinky Lingery," and, of course, "Rare Taxidermy."  Nestled amongst erotic silk body stockings and rather interesting intimate stockings for men, the ducklings don't quite seem in place.  But hold on to your fetish sleep wear -  the ducklings aren't the only taxidermy in sexnsell's store.   bat.jpg

Somewhere between the kinky nurse and school girl outfits, the bikinis, the racy knickers, and the translucent maid wear, you'll find "TAXIDERMY RARE BIG SCARY GRAY BAT IN FRAME."  Sometimes it's best not to ask questions. 


Mr. Nettle's two-headed calf



At the 2005 Florida State Taxidermy Association competition, J. W. Nettles from Calahan, Florida was presented a WASCO Most Creative Entry Award for his two headed calf.

The Wildlife Artistic Supply Company (WASCO) presents awards for the most creative piece in a taxidermy competition. Since such pieces are sometimes unrecognised because they fall outside the competition’s main categories, WASCO created its Most Artistic Entry Award for taxidermic creations which show exceptional innovation, artistic flair, and technical skill. The judging criteria consists of:

1. Exhibition of Taxidermy. The entry should tastefully display both the subject as well as the taxidermy profession in a favorable light. The taxidermy should be of good competition caliber, without any obvious flaws to the casual observer. The close scrutiny of a judge's flashlight should not be as important as the overall impression of the piece from a normal viewing distance. The main requirement is that the animal portrayed looks "alive" to the viewer.

2. Creativity. Artists who try something new or difficult should be rewarded for their efforts. The concept of the piece should not copy previous winner's ideas. Original ideas, successfully executed, should be given high consideration for this award.

3. Artistic Merit. The entry should be judged as a three-dimensional art piece, just like a painting or fine sculpture. Basic art concepts, such as composition, color, dynamic impact, contrast, texture, negative and positive space, and general artistic appeal should be carefully considered.

WASCO Award winners receive a polished acrylic award and a gift certificate from WASCO.

[go to an alphabetical listing of WASCO award winners +]


How to stuff a mouse: part II

F0FQ5N9KMNERIE30NL.medium.jpgStuffed mice seems to be the fashion at the moment.  The instructional website also offers a photographic step-by-step on how to stuff a mouse posted by Canida:
.  Also by Canida are series of photographs showing how to prepared a pair of simese white mice and a rat with red light bulbs for eyes described as "Rat LED Throwie."  Canida describes herself as liking "All things brightly colored and shiny," "demolition," "blinky lights," and "dancing." 


How to Stuff a Mouse

stuffmouse.jpgA step-by-step guide with gory visuals by Andrea Trolf. Posted on in July 2006.  Not for the faint of heart.

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