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A Few Words on Tinkebell

Tinkebell, the Dutch performance artist best known for killing her own cat and making it into a handbag (below) and a reversible cat-dog purse known as the popple presented an exhibition of her work at Torch Gallery in Amsterdam late last year. 


The Torch gallery offers this analysis of TINKEBELL's work:

"TINKEBELL. provokes by exemplifying the blind spots of modern society. She confronts a public that revels in being indignant about everything that has nothing to do with them, but at the same time is very apologetic about their own actions. She questions why millions of male chicks are brutally killed every day (often by throwing them against the walls of a barn) but she gets arrested for threatening to do the same in public. Why are people who openly discuss the lowering of the sexual age of consent treated as vile pedophiles, but are 'barely 18' websites intensely popular? By turning her own cat into a handbag she tries to show people their own hypocrisy about the use of animals for consumption and leather production. If anything, her works form a extreme incentive for the discussion of our morals and the way society is developing." 


Any thoughts from readers?  What do you think of that reddish fox-like thing being dragged down the street outside Cartier? Is she actually challenging hidden beliefs?  Or are her goulish aesthetics too strong to provoke any thought beyond, "eww .. gross?"

Reader Comments (1)

There are better ways of making a point.

As a cat owner, I find this sickening. The fact that she killed her cat is atrocious on its own, but add on to that the fact that its death was for nothing but shock value and its body was violated in this way is absolutely disgusting and disheartening.

I am not against most taxidermy, though I don't particularly like it, but stuff like this is wrong.
December 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPythosblaze

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