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Writing Contest: What I Covet Most ... 

From Kathryn "Tygerwolfe" Ward:

Being a paleontologist, the item that I covet the most is taxidermy of creatures no longer on this planet alive. That being said, the creature I would love to have in my collection is none other than the Thylacine - the infamous tasmanian tiger.

I once wrote a fanfiction for Doctor Who that featured a Thylacine prominently ( http://www.tygerwolfe.com/?page_id=296 ), and I can't think of another piece of taxidermy I would more wish could be mine. The only thing that would come close is if a mammoth were found in good enough condition to properly taxidermy. To hold and touch a piece of such a wonderful creature with such a tragic background...The Thylacine will always be my coveted holy grail.

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